We have been getting e-mails with the following in the subject: {DISARMED}. What does it mean and is it part of the e-mail checking you do at CIIC?

Yes, this is a feature of the Anti-Virus software we use.

Whenever you see {disarmed} it means that a web bug or tracking code was found in an HTML e-mail.  That is to say code that would have sent info back to a remote server without your knowledge or consent.  These are most often found in HTML e-mails and SPAM to track when users open and read their e-mails.  The {disarmed} tag means that the the tracking code was removed but other than that the e-mail is unchanged and will look normal.

NOTE: If you see this notice and need help make sure you contact your email provider. Just because we have posted this page does not mean we can help anyone that finds it. We wish we could, but it is physically impossible to help anyone who is not actually a client of CIIC.