MailWatch - Powered by: CIIC

MailWatch is a real-time window on email flow through the gateway.

MailWatch provides:

  • A real-time message traffic monitor
  • Individual message details reports
  • Historical reports on email traffic
  • Manipulation of Quarantined messages
  • Auditing of MailWatch transactions
  • Useful Utilities

The default log in screen is the Quarantine screen. This screen has links to all the messages processed by the system for the last 14 days. Simply choose a date to be taken to the listing for that date. This listing is a realtime list, so if you click on the current date you will see an up to moment list of messages processed that day.

If there is a message in the list you need to release or see more detail on, then click on the link in the First column for that message between the brackets, which looks as follows: [  ]

Once in the message detail screen there are a number of options. You can whitelist or blacklist the users email address or ip address. BE VERY CAREFUL. If you blacklist an entire IP address you might block some legitimate users.  If you are not 100% sure only blacklist the email address. When you click on the link to whitelist or blacklist en entry you are taken to a screen where you can edit the entry before saving the change. If working with email addresses you can use wildcards. For example if you need to thielist an entire domain you can change the whitelist entry to *, the asterisk tells the system to match anything in it’s place. This is much easier than adding many seprate whitelist entries for a single domain.

At the bottom of the email detail screen there are more options.

Release: As the name indicates allows you to release a blocked email to be delivered. If the system blocks a message by mistake, use this function to have it sent to your email box.

Delete: Totally deletes the message from MailWatch (do not use unless you are sure you know what you are doing)

SA Learn: You can “Train” Mailwatch using this function. Choosing “As Ham” trains the system to view a message it thought was SPAM as not SPAM. “As Spam” trains the system to block a type off message it did not properly detect as SPAM.

Alternate Recipients: If you want to release a message to a different email address you can enter it in this box.

Press Submit to finish any of these actions. (you can do multiple at once)

With the other Menu links you can directly edit the White/Black Lists Run various reports or search for a specific email or Change you password in the Tools/Links area.